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A Message from the Commission

The purpose of the Springfield Historic Sites Commission is to increase awareness of the need for historic preservation. This local organization is made up of a 15-member volunteer board appointed by the Mayor. The Commission's duties include the following:

To conduct surveys and maintain an inventory of buildings, places, or areas of historical significance.

To increase public awareness of the community's historic resources through commission-sponsored events, maps, brochures, and historic markers.

To conduct public hearings and make recommendations to the City Council regarding zoning matters in historical districts.

To review and make recommendations to the City Council regarding landmark eligibility of individual buildings.

The Historic Sites Commission also provides information and applications regarding Landmarking and Historic Districts. Economic incentives may also be available to property owners of historic landmarks or buildings within a Historic District.

For more information, please call Ron Ladley, Chair of the Historic Sites Commission, at 217-546-6670, or contact Lauren Gibson/ Historic Sites Commission Coordinator (217) 789-2377, ext 473 lauren.gibson@springfield.il.us.